In Shakespeare’s day, troupes of professional actors roamed the countryside staging plays wherever they landed. In 2016, Bell Shakespeare has its own ensemble of travelling actors, THE PLAYERS.

Eight talented actors are ready to tour the country in two teams, performing Actors At Work in your schools and A Midsummer Night’s Dream in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Catch them on Facebook and Instagram and follow this blog to join in as they don their theatre blacks, load up the van, jump in and perform Shakespeare’s classic plays in gyms, halls, classrooms and theatres across Australia.

Click here to get the low-down on Team Montague and Team Capulet now.



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  1. Julia says:

    Hi Taylor,

    Great question you bring up about costume and representation. In theatre everything a director chooses to put on stage helps tell the story, and the way in which characters are clothed or how a moment is staged is all carefully considered to create the desired effect.

    The short answer to your question is, it’s the directors choice. Designers and actors will also add into the discussion. But there is never a “right” or “wrong” way to portray a character. The creative choices you make about the decisions are why we can watch 17 different productions of Macbeth and still find something new in all of them.

    We actually highlight a similar concept in our show Macbeth: Undone. The scene inwhich Macbeth see’s Banquo’s ghost at the feast can either be done with an actor on stage playing Banquo’s ghost, or the actor playing Macbeth can simply imagine the ghost. Either choice is valid, they just create a different reading of the moment on stage. And our artistry is in that choosing.

    So in answer to your Henry V moment, if you were directing, you’d have both options: either he covers his face with a cloak, or they don’t recognise him. Or maybe it’s dusk and they don’t see him properly. These choices should be what is fun about creating YOUR version of Henry V.

    Hope that helps! And remember, never be afraid to make bold choices and try something new.