Is Romeo and Juliet’s love real? – Juliet


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So here lies that age old question, is Romeo and Juliet’s love real? Or is just teenage lust and infatuation?

Since I’m playing the character of Juliet, I thought I’d examine this question on Juliet’s behalf – and anyway who can really comment on Romeo’s view on things – we all know about his obsession with the ever-chaste Rosaline.. I shudder to think that what he felt for her in any way resembled the love he has for Jules! So I won’t go there, might leave that one to Sam…

But this love that Juliet is overcome by – it is a pretty powerful force that she is met with. Being rather sheltered in her youth, Juliet most likely has had limited contact with people who weren’t in the Capulet crew, and this would mean (…one would hope) that she’s not yet experienced any kind of romantic feelings towards another person. It’s safe to assume, however, that she is familiar with this concept of ‘love’ and the various sub-topics that stem from it, from the copious amount of time she has spent listening to the ramblings of her bawdy and uncensored Nurse.

I think, until the night of the Capulet party and possibly as a result of her mother encouraging her to ‘think of marriage now’, Jules’ interest in finding a love buddy has been non-existent. But once she has learnt that she will very quickly have to start considering marriage, I’d say she becomes open to examining this handsome young stranger a bit further than just as a yucky boy in the school-yard. I wish I could tell her, keep looking Jules! Don’t stop here, this one isn’t going to end well, trust me! But it’s too late – once the pair have locked eyes, exchanged a wee sonnet and Cupid has worked his magic, the love lit between them cannot be blown out.

But how do we know that it’s real love? Well, how do we ever know if love is ever ‘real love’? I would argue that if it’s the kind of love that makes you lie to your entire family, take a suspicious-looking substance that is supposed to ‘put you to sleep’ for 42 hours, and ultimately take your own life, it’s probably in the ‘real’ category. Juliet is a smart, intuitive and ‘headstrong’ young lady (as her Daddy calls her), she wouldn’t go through all that for someone she has a little teen crush on.

I mean maybe if she’d made it past the hardest teenage years she might have had been able to see that there was an alternative to her and Romeo’s radical actions, but nevertheless, this love for Romeo that so consumes her becomes her life force for the brief time that she gets to experience it – it is the most alive she has ever felt, and she even gives her life in order to preserve the magic love between her and her husband.

So from Jules’ end, I’d say that the love she has for Romeo is just about as real as it gets!

Over and out,

Amy xx



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