Darwin bound!

Pic 4

After finishing our first tour break, in which we had a fairly relaxing week at Bell Shakespeare headquarters in Sydney, Team Ariel have officially landed in Darwin. The weather is sweltering and the flora is green. Fresh out of the wet season, Darwin is beautiful and lush; however, several locals have already warned us to BEWARE OF CROCODILES! There are many signs around the area warning not to swim with the ferocious dinosaurs. We hadn’t planned to, but it’s nice to know the dos and don’ts.

We performed two cracking shows at the hospitable Taminmin College in Humpty Doo (the best-named town in Australia) and from that came my QUESTION OF THE DAY:

How would a student living in Darwin get into acting?

There is no ‘correct’ path to follow to pursue acting. No matter whether you live in Sydney, Darwin or anywhere, everyone’s career path is different. It’s important to remember that, and to remember not to compare yourself to anyone else. You can, and will, carve your own path.
I think involving yourself in theatre is a great way to nurture an interest in acting. Going to see theatre is a great way to learn, and develop a critical eye. Also, doing classes inside and outside of school helps too. Do some research online and search for some acting classes in the local area. If acting classes are scarce and there isn’t a lot to get involved in, get a group of friends together that share your passion for acting and put on a play yourselves! Tell your friends and family about it, and get some people to come along. In doing this, you’re cultivating skills in acting, producing, directing, marketing and ensemble building, as well as other skills that are invaluable to an artist. Last of all, make sure you read plays and acting books. Lots of them.

Pic 1

After the shows we decided we would go and check out one of the most hotly anticipated sights in Darwin, the Litchfield National Park. We were told this was the spot. It has waterfalls and walking trails, ponds, and native flora and fauna as far as the eye can see. On the way there, we saw a sight we hadn’t seen ever in our lives. We found a ‘130km/ph’ speed sign. I didn’t know these existed, and neither did the guys, so naturally we stopped to get some evidence, before doing some legal speeding.


Pic 2


After driving really fast for a while, we turned off the main road and approached Litchfield Park. The soil that flanked the road, as we drove, was as red as you could hope to see in the Australian outback. It wasn’t until we saw that that we realised how far from home we were, and special it was to be there. Before we knew it, we had arrived at Buley Rockhole.

Pic 3After we had spend a good while swimming and jumping off whatever high rocks we could find, we packed up our gear and started the hour and a half journey back to Darwin city, but not before Cameron and I spotted a rather large and fascinating Goanna crawling along the rocks. The little guy (not actually that little) shuffled across our towels and shoes before having a quick sip of water and heading back up the rocks. It was quite the sight.

What an incredible week we have ahead in Darwin! Watch this space for more updates as we make our way across the country!

— Sam P (Team Ariel)


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