And so it begins…

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The Players are officially on the road! While Team A has been travelling north, Team C have spent the past few weeks touring Sydney schools in western Sydney then winding their way down south. It’s early days, but I reckon we’ve already picked up a few pearls of wisdom about touring.

1. When checking into a new place, each team member will have different priorities. Respect them all equally. In our case, Jake hits the gym, Amy explores the sofa/cushion situation, Shiv sources food and I get the bath running ASAP.

2. Make friends with the locals. From the lady who runs the candle store to the waiter serving your brekky to the guitarist providing mood music for your tense pool game, these guys know where to find the best coffee/ Vietnamese food/ snorkeling spots/ second-hand bookstores. Plus, they know all the town goss.

3. It is always, always a good idea to do karaoke at the pub.

4. Speaking of music, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Dire Straits are the ideal accompaniments to driving through the rolling green hills of Kiama.
Run the Jewels is good too.

5. Some schools will offer you tea, coffee and biscuits. This will make you happy. Then you’ll go to Jamberoo Public School and be presented with a carton of free-range eggs from their very own chooks, wrapped in fancy gold paper. This will make you happy times one thousand and cause an impromptu photo shoot of the team holding eggs in various ways. It will end when one of you puts one in your mouth and accidentally bites into it.

6. Car snacks are essential. The key is to provide an equal variety of savoury and sweet. In an emergency, an ice cream from the servo works well.

7. Getting momentarily lost can be a n ice thing, so don’t panic. If you’re lucky, the unexpected detour down Swamp Road will provide ample cow sightings and you’ll even have to stop to let a family of fluffy baby ducks and their mum cross the road. Cute!

8. Pack lightly. Ask yourself: do you really need to bring three heavy books? Maybe two pairs of shoes is enough, you’re not going to go running anyway, who are you kidding?

9. Do bring small things that can make your room feel cosy. A little candle and some fluffy socks can make a big difference.

10. Pinch yourself every day – especially on those sweaty three-show days where everyone’s a bit tired and you keep catching your fingers in the road cases. Never take it for granted how lucky you are to have such an incredible job.

— Lucy (Team C)


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