Exploring two versions of the same show

Team V plus Shauntelle

A little while ago, Ayeesha, also known as the #amazingyeesh became ill and needed time to recover. She’s fine and will be back better than ever, but while she rested, Team V needed someone to step in. For a week, I left behind Team A and went on a reconnaissance mission to learn the secrets of Team V and bring our shows to some of you in Tasmania. I caught up with the team in Hobart and we had a rehearsal. Just a mini one, on a Saturday morning, to figure out where the similarities and differences were. Yes, there were differences. And yes, at certain points I did just have to stop and look at what was going on, or explain where I’d disappeared to. I knew the lines, but I didn’t know how they were going to come out of this team’s mouth, nor did I know the way they prefer to move around the stage. The rhythms we have in Team A are very different.

I wouldn’t write a blog post about this, really, except that it’s such a unique position to be in. It’s incredibly rare to be involved, almost simultaneously, with two versions of the same show, and for those of you taking drama, I can tell you now that it’s quite…confusing. It’s like having your mirror image step out of the mirror and want to play with you, but doing everything in reverse. For those that play video games, it’s like playing with your controller on inverse mode. Unless you’re used to it, it’s a complete switch around.

Having said that, it’s incredibly fun and a completely new way of looking at the scenes I’m so used to performing with my team. Although we were only together for 7 shows, I learnt a great deal about Juliet and Benvolio, and about all the other characters, that I didn’t know before. And about how many different meanings all the lines can have.

Team V are fun and bold and bright – but I still miss my team and the way we do things. I highly recommend doing a role swap if you’re ever trying to understand your character more. Just changing who I’m performing with is changing my views, because the way that the other team look at my characters is different to how they’re seen by my own team.

Oh, and fights? Yep, they’re different. Eloise is left handed, so I learned a completely new fight in an afternoon. Yep. That was fun. No really, it was fun.

Team V


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