Touring Tips

I thought rather than stating the obvious and rambling on about what a wonderful, fulfilling and challenging experience this has been so far, I would focus this blog entry on some little tips regarding the travel aspects of the job. During our recent tour to schools on the South Coast of New South Wales I realised there are some key things that one must be aware of when hitting the road.

Team A Jump

1. When checking into your accommodation, you shouldn’t necessarily expect your name to be correct. When I made it up to my luxurious hotel room in Wollongong, I was greeted with a note that said ‘Dear Snape’. At first I just assumed that all four of us would have had our names listed back to front, but after further discussion it became clear that someone at the hotel thought that my Harry Potter surname was amusing and I was the only one who had been welcomed in this manner.

2. Always carry essentials. This includes a coffee plunger.

3. Don’t get too excited by the spa and sauna. Baking yourself is not recommended before a 3 show day.

4. When booking a massage, check that you know where you are going.

5. Be picky with your music choices in the car. Your fellow tour friends might not appreciate listening to Nintendo 64 Mario Kart sound effects on repeat through a rather large sound system.

6. Jamberoo Recreation Park isn’t a school. Don’t encourage a detour there when you are on your way to a show.

7. Don’t spray perfume in the car when all of the windows are up.

8. The companions that share the road with you are not always friendly. Bumper stickers say a lot about a person.

9. Don’t have more than one navigating device going at once. 3 different robot voices from various countries will raise the blood pressure.

10. Keep reminding yourself how brilliant this job is. It really is one in a million.

Team A


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