Rehearsal Room Sonnets

This year’s new batch of touring actors, The Players, are nearing the end of several months of rehearsals and are gearing up to head out onto the road with Actors At Work. One of our brand new Players Shauntelle was inspired to write her very own sonnet about the rehearsal process…


Sonnet 1

The first week of rehearsal ended thus:

With Romeo and Juliet deceased,

Mercutio and Tybalt fighting plus

The speed of learning blocking much increased.

Week the second brought with it much heat

As raincoats and school sweaters in our sights

Did make us melt as we did try to meet

The Captain and the Boatswain – O delights!

Week three has brought us now to Hammy-let

With fighting and the last scene set in stone.

So close to touring as we try to get

Deep into all the characters we own.

For now we have two weeks and nothing more

They’ll show us all they can, and then the door.


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