These are a few of our favourite questions…

The Questions We Love to Answer

Can You do the Punch Again?

Team AJ Q&A

The first half of our Actors At Work tour went for about 17 weeks, during which we held about 150 post-show Q&A sessions. We think our Q&A sessions are heaps more interesting than the ones ABC’s Tony Jones hosts on Monday nights so we thought we’d give you our Top 5 questions so far.

5) Are you guys going out? *

Was the kiss real? Are youse in a committed relationship with each other? Are you boyfriend and girlfriend?

No. We’re just friends.

Friends with benefits?

Erm… no.

4) Do you think Macbeth kills Duncan because of selfish ambition or repressed desire? And what happened to Fleance? Was it hard for Romeo to be away from the love of his life, in Mantua?

Every now and then a question comes up like this one that makes us realise just how smart and curious you are. It makes us happy to do what we do.

3) Why/how did you guys get into acting?

We love these ones because they suggest to us that maybe you might be vaguely inspired by what we’ve done and considering taking a similar career path. Or maybe you just saw what we were doing and thought, ‘I could do that better.’ Either way, we’re actors and we are not averse talking about ourselves.

2) Did you guys actually punch each other?

We spend a lot of time and energy trying to make our fights look as spectacular and realistic as possible. It’s always good to hear when we’ve nailed it. But be warned, we are trained professionals who have spent a lot of time working with a fight choreographer on our stage combat skills so don’t try this at home kids.

And no, we’ve never actually hit each other.

1) Can you do the punch again?

Erm… Yes

*This is not one of our top 5 but it is possibly the most common question so we thought it needed to be addressed.


Until next time,

Team AJ


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