Life on Tour with Bell Shakespeare

Road casesWe in team Guildenstern have just returned to Sydney from our first touring stint around the south of NSW. We were lucky enough to visit locations such as the beaches of Wollongong, historic Albury, picturesque Wagga Wagga and our nation’s capital, Canberra. Now that we’re back in Sydney I’ve had a chance to reflect on what I enjoy and find difficult about life on the road.

Sometimes it can seem be tough being on the road and away from your friends and family but I prefer to take a different view. It’s also a great opportunity to visit places that you’ve never been to before, see some sights and make new friends. I’ve been on tour for most of the past year now and this is a list of things that I really love about touring.

Little piece of Scotland

1) No traffic – It is so much less of a pain EVERYWHERE but Sydney. As I write this we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic trying to make our way through Sydney’s north shore. That’s not a problem we faced anywhere while we were on the road.

2) Getting to Know the Team – Being on tour gives you a great chance to get to know the people you’re working with. We’ve had some awesome nights in the great serviced apartments that we get accommodated in cooking each other dinner, playing board games and watching movies.

3) Sightseeing – we’re pretty busy getting from school to school to share our love Shakespeare with you legends but occasionally we get to see some stuff. While we were in Canberra we made it to the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition at the National Gallery and we had a great time at the beach in Wollongong.

4) Swimming Pools – most of our accommodation has a swimming pool or a spa which is a great way to relax after a big 3-show day. I know I certainly don’t have a pool at my house in Sydney.

5) Tunes on the drive – Resident DJs Ildiko, Joe and Jane supply all the greatest hits from 80s, 90s, 00s and today. Some afternoons it gets pretty gangsta in our Kia Carnival.

6) TV show and reading binges – Being out on the road on your own is a great chance to catch up on the latest TV series that your friends are raving about or finish that book you bought last month in the comfort of your own cozy hotel room.

For the next couple of weeks we’ll be battling the Sydney traffic in the day and seeing our friends and family in the evenings but I’m looking forward to our upcoming trips to regional Queensland and South Australia. If you’ve got any tips for good restaurants, let me know. That’s my other favorite thing.



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