10 Things…

Our journey as The Players has started and there have already been so many beautiful things that we have seen, done, and experienced. In the car between shows, the members of Team Rosencrantz often talk about how much we love seeing the reactions of the students and teachers who watch the shows we perform every day; the joy in understanding the plot and the laughs at the framing characters.

In considering what it is we do, how we do it, and the team that supports us, the following was produced (in the format of this speech from 10 Things I Hate About You, the great nineties adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew).


10 Things We Hate About You

We hate the hand of fate that points to us,
That marks our plan to deliv’r this,
We hate our KIA little mini bus,
Our lady of good carriage, our mistress.
We hate the passing months already been,
The insights and love that keep us feeling keen.
We hate the morning coffee, the taste of dawn,
We hate reciting Shakespeare so early I’ the morn.
We hate the staff who back us, everywhere we go,
The smothering of love show after show.
We hate that you can really help us find
Ourselves, no matter what the time of day,
We hate that we are constantly reminded,
Relax, the work is there, now time to play.
We hate that we are making friends far and new
But most of all we hate since hate is due,
‘Cos hate is love, what we most have for you.


Undoubtedly we will continue to be amazed and find new love for everything we do as actors, teachers and facilitators of Shakespeare. So to all the schools and students that we have yet to roll into, know this, we cannot wait to entertain, and be entertained by you.

Team Rosencrantz


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