Bringing the Bard to the ‘Bart

Team T have just returned from two weeks in Tasmania and we loved it! Having recently travelled to Julia Creek in outback Queensland we couldn’t get over how green Tasmania was in comparison. The wildlife was beautiful and the landscape stunning. We jammed as much touristy things in as we could – wineries, Mt Wellington, Mona, historic Richmond and Salamanca Markets to name a few.


An historic bridge in Richmond

We found an array of delicacies in Hobart, it seems that Tasmanians are kings of cuisine and what better way to stay motivated for our shows than with lots of Patisserie treats. Here is a shot of our favourite little cafe, so far, that we found on our travels to the Salamanca markets.

A lovely little cafe at Salamanca Markets in Hobart

Dessert with a view

We have received such a warm welcome from everyone down here, students, teachers and especially those chefs. Because the countryside is so beautiful everywhere we go, if it wasn’t so cold it would be great to do a performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream outside in one of the stunning parks! We were all raring to go for our shows at Ouse District High on the morning of Monday 5th November and then we popped into MONA to soak up some more culture in the afternoon.

A light installation at MONA

We caught some live music at the Republic and a big shout out goes to Sacred Heart College in New Town for showing the Melbourne Cup in their gym hall. Oh, and we even did some work. The audiences were awesome, super respectful, the Student Masterclasses were fun and we can’t wait to come back next year.

The beautiful view from Mount Wellington

We dropped a line to Charles and Camilla, and they changed their itinerary on our advice. Charles even wanted to catch the same flight back to Sydney with us, but we let him down gently. We just didn’t think Sydney Airport could cope with the hype. Now there is a love story Shakespeare would have had a field day with.

Same outbound flight as Charles and Camilla… coincidence or conspiracy?

Overall, thanks for having us Tasmania, we had a fantastic time and hope you cats we got to work with enjoyed yourselves too.

P.S. It has been said it’s best not to leave Team T with too much time on their hands. This is what happened when we were let loose in Hellyer College’s performance space in Burnie. Thanks for the loan of your props guys!


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