Team H Visit Regional New South Wales

As a resident of  Sydney, you can sometimes fall prey to the assumption that the metropolis hosts all of the greatest art and exhibitions and events. Our recent trip to the Orange Region was an occasion where this assumption was delightfully proved wrong!

Molong is a town about half an hour outside Orange, and inside Molong Central School, where we performed, we found an incredible room. This room not only contained a massive collection of art, but it WAS the art itself: David, a teacher, had spent the better part of a decade assimilating, sorting, collating and glueing together mini poster prints of famous films. They were sorted, often by genre or theme, but also in alphabetical order. The result was a spectacular museum of cinematic history that, as actors, we just drooled over! Ironically, the room was used as the detention room, which would have made me WANT to get in trouble had I been a student at the school.

Below is a snapshot of this incredible instillation, as well as a great shot of Huw at Conobolas Public School in Orange. I’m left thinking, again, that there is so much more to be seen in this incredible country than just the art in Sydney. Thank you Bell Shakespeare, for reaching out across Australia!


How, Anthony and Matilda awestruck at the collection of film paraphernalia at Molong Central School


Huw conducting a workshop with students at Canobolas Public School


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