Team H Visit Roxby Downs

Roxby Downs! We are here!

For those of you not from the area, the hotel is lovely. I like the layout; two stories of neat apartment rooms circle around an aptly named “Oasis” garden, complete with swimming pool. Palm fronds and lush green trees, stark in their contrast to the dehydrated eucalypts local to the area, populate the courtyard garden. Smooth rocks cover the garden beds and lead to the pool, bright and blue and refreshing even to look at. Compared to what lies beyond the walls it is indeed an Oasis paradise.

The people here are friendly. Local students work at the local shops. One caring employee helped me select the best brand of sunscreen; something of a necessity, I’m sure, in the days to come.

Shortly we head to the community center for our show. A night time performance now seems so foreign, which is bizarre, as that is the time of performance most actors are used to. It shows how long we have been doing this job for, I guess.

Sunset is pretty. And I’m reminded of those bush setting oil paintings you see in gallery’s selling for hundreds of dollars. What a rip off – the real thing is far more spectacular than any painting can capture.

There’s a stillness an a calmness to the air that I find comforting. It’s real. There’s no games or rat race to stress about keeping up with. Half an hour can drift by as you watch the sky change colour. Suddenly the pace of quintesential “Aussie” films now makes sense.

Below is a photo of us putting the luggage net over our ute tray.


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