The Players Meet The Twelve Apostles

We’re back in Sydney now after a great three weeks in Melbourne. We even got to head out to Port Campbell and visit the famous Twelve Apostles on the Victorian coast line which was an absolutely magnificent sight…although as you can see from the video above of Thunder Cave…it was FREEZING!!!

Lucky I brought my ridiculously warm overcoat – even if it does make me look a little Mafiosa (Felix and Ed did mention on more than a few occasions that between my coat and my black leather gloves that they were a little worried that I could have underworld connections!! – I think I might keep them guessing on that one…it should keep them in line for the rest of the year!!)

Thank goodness we’re back to the nice Sydney sunshine…and looking forward to soaking up a bit more when we make it to Queensland in a few weeks!!

“Hey where’d Suz go??”


“Oh, there she is!”


The 12 Apostles on a blustery Victorian afternoon – they almost don’t look real!


And as we took refuge in the Kia, guess what we found…


…a double rainbow (and a couple of cows)!!!



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