Free Flowing Verse With Anthony

Now, growing up I wanted to travel.
Also, growing up I wanted to act.
Growing up I wanted to share stories
with those who seldom get a chance to see, live and experience live theatre.
The players/the actors, has been-awesome
Killing 3 birds with one stone. We have set to regional towns like Orange, Dubbo
and right now we’re performing in Melbourne,
A.C.T., next Adelaide and I’ve seen
people and areas of Australia
I would never in normal life have seen.
I have had the fortune of playing some of the great roles in Western Drama such as Macbeth bits of Hamlet and Oberon, King of Faeries. Onwards to
More of this great Southern land to visit,
And inspiration we’ll seek, verse or not!
The youngsters we’ve performed for have been ill,
Not sick in the literal, like fo real,
That sort of speak, heaps of kids every week
Giving the actors feedback. Some good some wack.
All in good fun, all in day at actors at work.

I wrote this in verse as something we’ve been using in Shakespeare and our work, this year. Traveling has been great fun and working with like minded people who love the Bard has made it feel like playing backyard cricket. Lots of fun playing with people I love.

To all those that want a challenge, The Bell Shakespeare Learning Ensemble is a great place to inspire you.

All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women ‘not’ merely Players!

That is all.


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