The Players Meet The Twelve Apostles

We’re back in Sydney now after a great three weeks in Melbourne. We even got to head out to Port Campbell and visit the famous Twelve Apostles on the Victorian coast line which was an absolutely magnificent sight…although as you can see from the video above of Thunder Cave…it was FREEZING!!!

Lucky I brought my ridiculously warm overcoat – even if it does make me look a little Mafiosa (Felix and Ed did mention on more than a few occasions that between my coat and my black leather gloves that they were a little worried that I could have underworld connections!! – I think I might keep them guessing on that one…it should keep them in line for the rest of the year!!)

Thank goodness we’re back to the nice Sydney sunshine…and looking forward to soaking up a bit more when we make it to Queensland in a few weeks!!

“Hey where’d Suz go??”


“Oh, there she is!”


The 12 Apostles on a blustery Victorian afternoon – they almost don’t look real!


And as we took refuge in the Kia, guess what we found…


…a double rainbow (and a couple of cows)!!!



Projecting In Large Spaces With Felix


So our time here in Melbourne has come to an end. We’ve had a blast here over the last three weeks.

It began with 10 shows of our production of Romeo And Juliet at the National Theatre in St Kilda. The National was built in the 1920s and is much larger than the Playhouse at the Sydney Opera House so we had a few challenges to overcome, mainly to do with the size and volume of our performances.

To overcome these sorts of things as an actor you’ve really got to connect to your breath. The most important thing, I think, is not to push! Sometimes when you feel you may need to be louder and bigger to reach the back row it can be easy to force and push your performance; willing the emotion and the story telling to the back of the theatre, which of course doesn’t work! It will look like you’re trying too hard and it will look like hard work. The skill of the actor and what we are all striving for is to NOT show the work. (That’s one of Ed’s favorite sayings I’ve stolen there, thanks Eddie.)

Oh, we’ve just arrived at our next school for Midsummer Madness. We’re on the Mornington Peninsula for our last show in Melbourne. Will blog again soon. Stay tuned!

Free Flowing Verse With Anthony

Now, growing up I wanted to travel.
Also, growing up I wanted to act.
Growing up I wanted to share stories
with those who seldom get a chance to see, live and experience live theatre.
The players/the actors, has been-awesome
Killing 3 birds with one stone. We have set to regional towns like Orange, Dubbo
and right now we’re performing in Melbourne,
A.C.T., next Adelaide and I’ve seen
people and areas of Australia
I would never in normal life have seen.
I have had the fortune of playing some of the great roles in Western Drama such as Macbeth bits of Hamlet and Oberon, King of Faeries. Onwards to
More of this great Southern land to visit,
And inspiration we’ll seek, verse or not!
The youngsters we’ve performed for have been ill,
Not sick in the literal, like fo real,
That sort of speak, heaps of kids every week
Giving the actors feedback. Some good some wack.
All in good fun, all in day at actors at work.

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