We’re back in the sand!

Romeo And Juliet has arrived in Melbourne. We can’t wait to see you all at The National Theatre in St Kilda!

We’ve missed working together on this show, but we haven’t missed our old friend… SAND!!


WAy out West!

Teresa has gone back home to WA for 4 weeks with Team T. Check out what they’ve been up to:

So the Players have travelled into country Western Australia and are loving every minute of it. Today we drove from Kalgoolie to Kambalda and performed for the students there. Thanks for having us, you were a wonderful audience!

All the Sydney-siders are amazed at how dry it is out here but they love the sunshine in the middle of winter. On our way home this afternoon we came across the famous tea-tree, full of kettles and coffee cups, brilliant!! We just had to stop for a family photo. We are going to the mines for the 5pm ‘blast’ tomorrow, can’t wait!!!