Some night time car musings from Juila:

This is Julia’s musing face

 It’s early evening. The sun has set and the sky is cloudless, deep, and speckled with stars. A moon cresant is smiling back at me, reflected in the window of our Tarago. Team H is driving to Canberra.

 This is one of the most magical parts of this job: traveling. Roadtrips fill me with anticipation and excitement. I love watching the countryside out of the window: up close it wizzes by, out in the far distance it glides slowly. It’s mesmorising, and my thoughts drift away like the landscape I’m watching.

 I’ve been to Canberra once before, also on a tour. I feel so lucky to be able to travel with the purpose of work – it’s very fulfilling. Bell Shakespeare is Australia’s only national theatre company… Not surprising that it’s the only one as I’m quickly learning how big our country is. We are tiny compared to the vast stretches of desert and road between cities. It’s easy to feel insignificant in such sprawling space, which is why it is so important to connect. And telling stories is one of the oldest ways we do that.

Canberra, we can’t wait to bring you our stories. And we can’t wait to hear yours as well. Thank you Bell Shakespeare for helping us connect.


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