Back on the road with Team H

Matilda shares the adventures of Team H over the last week – sounds exhuasting (but so fun!)


Matilda: So another big week is drawing to a close. We have had a massive week. Masterclasses and a couple of great performances of Midsummer Madness and Macbeth: Undone. Highlights include:

* it has been a challenge getting back into Actors at Work shows after 10weeks off but it has been fun to get back in front of the banners!

*the awesome lunch that we were made by the hospitality students from Bass Hill; rhubarb crumble, home-made quiche, hand-made croissants made from scratch… They were still warm!

Our gourmet lunch!!

* The wonderful costumed audience at PLC Croydon who were dressed in Shakespeare themed costumes, including a Macbeth, some witches, lots of fairies and A WALL!

* The awesome students at Merrylands who we had the most exciting ‘Shakespearean insult’ fight with ever. Such amazing, responsive, interested, intelligent students. It was a pleasure!

* Players dinner: we had a lovely dinner last night with the Team T crew before they head off for WA on Sunday! We will miss them when they go away for over a month!!!

* Learning to do the Masterclasses has been so much fun. It’s such a great program. The concentrated time that you can spend with a group, the great conversations and seeing students start to look at Shakespeare’s language differently is awesome. Already this week and last week I have seen some very funny Beatrices and Benedicks, some wicked Richard the Thirds, and some very moving Hamlets!

*Finally it’s Julia’s Birthday today! Woohoo! Here are the awesome cupcakes Bell got her and we are all enjoying!

Happy Birthday Julia!!


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