R&J is ready for take off!!

So the set has moved out of the rehearsal room and is being re-built in the Playhouse Theatre at the Opera House. By tomorrow afternoon all the props will have cleared out too! Next go the actors and then Tech Week will be in full swing.

Tech week can be really tiring ‘cos there’s lots of standing around waiting for lights to be plotted and sound cues to be set. I always make sure I’ve got a huge bottle of water with me – and sometimes a book! But teching R&J is going to be a bit different because it’s the first chance we’ll have to experience the sand we’ll be playing in for the next 4 weeks! T-Bone, who did R&J last year, tells us we’re going to end up with sand everywhere, and will probably end up taking a whole tonne of it with us home by the time the season is done! Our director Damien Ryan encouraged us to go for a beach run to get our legs used to it…I’m starting to think this is going to be a pretty tiring show!

We did a run of the show for Bell Shakespeare staff last Friday and it was so great to finally be giving this beautiful story to an audience – made me so excited to get get over to the Opera House! Really looking forward to seeing you all there…


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