Let the rehearsals begin!

As I(Julia) write this blog, I am sitting up the back of the Romeo And Juliet rehearsals. We are all hot and sweaty after a massive dance number we have just rehearsed. Ed (our dashing young Romeo) has a stocking on his head. Underwear is hanging from our set washing line. Anthony (Capulet) and Huw (Tybalt) are rehearsing their scene, throwing insults at each other upon a rickety jetty 2 meters in the air. Felix (Benvolio & Paris) is noodling away on the electric accoustic guitar we’ve got in the room. Suz (Nurse), T Bone (Lady Cap), and Tilly (Juliet) are giggling over cups of deserved tea on their break. Already this production is looking to be extraordinary.


Damien Ryan (director) is just a delight to work with. He’s a fun, irreverent, light hearted guy who just loves this play and knows it inside out. Quoting our own lines before we’ve even got them down. 

This is set to be the most playful, surprising, and joyful production of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever been in. Be sure to pester your teachers to book your school excursion. Or even come of your own accord! Trust me – you don’t want to miss it!


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