The World’s Largest…

Team T (aka The Fairies) have taken to the road and are traveling north. They’re currently travelling through the Hunter Region and sent back this update:

Felix: So, we’re off. I’m currently sitting in the back seat of our Kia carnival while Ed is driving along the road. Teresa is reading George Orwell next to me and Suz is up the front arguing with the navman!  We are 30 km from our destination, Muswellbrook. We have had a stunning day weather wise and for me, only having lived in NSW for two years, I’m completely in awe of the beauty of this area. So green with rolling hills. You should ear Ed! He is a farmer at heart and he is in paradise! Every 10 minutes he goes “oh, wow, look at that! Now this is living!”

Anyway, gotta go. Here is a photo we just took at, get this, the World’s Largest Sundial. Yeah! It’s in Singleton. We will stop and take photos at every ‘World’s Largest Thing’ we come across. That’s a promise. Till next time. Felix.

Felix, Teresa and Ed hanging out with World's Largest Sundial


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