Postcards from Orange and Dubbo

Team H (Matilda, Huw, Julia and Anthony) have hit the road and have some tales to share.

Matilda: So we are well into our first week on the road and it’s so fun! Orange and Dubbo have been a blast. We are taking in the sights. Julia and I spent an afternoon at the Orange botanical gardens and we are hoping we will get a chance to do the Dubbo zoo!

Team H taking on Orange and Dubbo with nothing more than what's in the boot of their van!

The shows have been delightful and we have had some great questions:

Q: Why did we perform with the house lights up in the Dubbo performance centre?

A: Because the show is interactive and we want to talk to you and see you all when we are performing.

Q: Why didn’t Banquo’s son become King at the end of the play?

A: It’s a plot line that isn’t resolved in the play. The witches create the fourth apparition for Macbeth; he sees a line of kings that look like Banquo and Fleance but the play ends with Malcolm being crowned King. Banquo, Duncan and Macbeth were real people who Shakespeare used as inspiration for the play. King James liked to believe that he was descended from the real Banquo and so this would have been an in joke to the audience in Shakespeare’s day.

Also loving the Dubbo baristas and their pac-man coffee art.

Coffee art Dubbo style

Coffee art Dubbo style


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