Secret Diary of The Players: Part II

Eager to find out if Huw was able to learn his lines? Look no further!

Huw: So let’s talk about that weekend:
Friday afternoon is fast approaching, it is the end of two weeks of introductory workshops, on Monday I will walk into the rehearsal room expected to know those lines I have been avoiding for the past couple of months. I am determined to devote the entire weekend, starting tonight, to some intensive line learning. My fellow players seem to already be confident enough with their lines to be quoting them to each other so I know I’m going to be the odd one out if I don’t put some work in before Monday. But then…..the afternoon rolls around and talk turns to what everyone is doing that night. Turns out there is a play reading  on at the Sydney Theatre Company that a few people are going to. My thoughts turn to my determination to spend this evening learning lines, but it’s only Friday, right? I can have tonight and then get up and start fresh tomorrow morning. And it’s only a play reading, I’ll probably even get home in time to do some work tonight!

What's my line??

Ummm….no. We meet in the foyer about 8:30, and I was right, it wasn’t a big night, but I run into some old friends, made some new ones, and none of them seem very concerned about my lines, so why should I be?! So of course I don’t make it home in time to get some work done. I wake at 12:32 on Saturday afternoon to a text message from my friend, Shaun who wants to cook a roast that night and wants me to come over for dinner. Surely I can’t be expected to turn down an invitation like that, no matter how many lines I have to learn! So, naturally I accept without hesitation and drag myself out of bed (off the couch….whatever) and start work on these lines! But I’m starving so I go down the road to get some breakfast and it’s 3:00 by the time I get back (oh, how time flies) however, while I’m eating one of my fellow cast members messages me and suggests we meet to run some lines. Turns out she’s not as confident as I thought, which surprises me, ’cause she’s a real teachers pet! So I get my act together and meet her at 5:00. We’ve only got an hour because she is going to the theatre and I have to get to dinner, but surely I know most of these lines already, right. A concerted hours work will be just the refresher I need to see me through the first day of rehearsals. Finally I’m getting it done, the work I had been promising I’d do for weeks.
Contrary to what I had hoped that hour only served to remind me of the numerous scenes I didn’t even know existed, let alone knew the lines for. But it was a start, there was no question I had made a start and I headed off for dinner safe in the knowledge that all I needed was a disciplined Sunday. One disciplined Sunday and no-one would ever know.

So I got up early this morning. Sunday. The last day before rehearsals begin. My last chance to forge some shred of professionalism. I got up early, had a hearty and luxurious breakfast, no need to rush, there was the whole day ahead, I was committed to the long haul.
To be honest…..I can’t really tell you what I’ve done since then. The true procrastinators among you will know exactly what I mean. I have been aware all day that I had lines that needed to be learned, and that there was an impending deadline, but…..well…..there was washing that needed to be done, and groceries that needed to be bought, and parents that needed to be called, and……cricket……that needed to be watched. It’s not that I was necessarily ignoring my homework, certainly I felt that familiar creeping dread that for so much of my life has been associated with Sundays. But in the back of my mind I still had that magical time, Sunday evening, and that enchanted hour between 7:30 and 8:30 when time seems to stand still and no matter how much you’ve got due for Monday morning it seems as though you’ve got all the (Young Talent) Time in the world.
But things have changed, maybe it’s because they’re in a different timeslot, maybe it’s because Millsy just can’t weave quite the same magic that Johnny Young could, maybe it’s because they’re all rubbish, but whatever the reason it’s now well after 8:30 and my lines are still unlearnt.
Perhaps some of you are reading this having already had us perform in your school, so I can only assume that I did manage to say all the right words at the right time, and I hope that you enjoyed the show. If however, you are yet to see us, I encourage you to remember ‘Young Talent Time’ at the moment you think to ask “how do you remember your lines?”


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