Let the rehearsals begin!

As I(Julia) write this blog, I am sitting up the back of the Romeo And Juliet rehearsals. We are all hot and sweaty after a massive dance number we have just rehearsed. Ed (our dashing young Romeo) has a stocking on his head. Underwear is hanging from our set washing line. Anthony (Capulet) and Huw (Tybalt) are rehearsing their scene, throwing insults at each other upon a rickety jetty 2 meters in the air. Felix (Benvolio & Paris) is noodling away on the electric accoustic guitar we’ve got in the room. Suz (Nurse), T Bone (Lady Cap), and Tilly (Juliet) are giggling over cups of deserved tea on their break. Already this production is looking to be extraordinary.


Damien Ryan (director) is just a delight to work with. He’s a fun, irreverent, light hearted guy who just loves this play and knows it inside out. Quoting our own lines before we’ve even got them down. 

This is set to be the most playful, surprising, and joyful production of Romeo and Juliet I’ve ever been in. Be sure to pester your teachers to book your school excursion. Or even come of your own accord! Trust me – you don’t want to miss it!


That’s a wrap!

Team H have just wrapped up the first leg of their tour. Now it’s Romeo And Juliet time!!

Snapshots from Team T

 Team T (aka The Fairies) have been taking some happy snaps of their time on the road. Enjoy…

Felix's new shoes! Call it method acting, he wants to walk in Macbeth's shoes. Talk about commitment!!!!

Shakespeare was the mayor of Cessnock, WOW!!! Who would have thought, we are meant to be here! Thanks Cessnock the players have had a ball.

This is a photo from Newcastle grammar. We're performing in their chapel which is cool! It Makes performing Macbeth feel more eerie and dangerous! Who knows what those supernatural beings and "evil spirits" will think when called upon during the show!


Just some crazy photos of The Fairies!


It’s Complicated

The Players are all looking forward to rehearsing Bell Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, which will be hitting the Sydney Opera House stage in May this year.

While preparing to play Juliet, Matilda stumbled across this image and thought it summed up her relationship with Romeo quite nicely! What do you all think?

The World’s Largest…

Team T (aka The Fairies) have taken to the road and are traveling north. They’re currently travelling through the Hunter Region and sent back this update:

Felix: So, we’re off. I’m currently sitting in the back seat of our Kia carnival while Ed is driving along the road. Teresa is reading George Orwell next to me and Suz is up the front arguing with the navman!  We are 30 km from our destination, Muswellbrook. We have had a stunning day weather wise and for me, only having lived in NSW for two years, I’m completely in awe of the beauty of this area. So green with rolling hills. You should ear Ed! He is a farmer at heart and he is in paradise! Every 10 minutes he goes “oh, wow, look at that! Now this is living!”

Anyway, gotta go. Here is a photo we just took at, get this, the World’s Largest Sundial. Yeah! It’s in Singleton. We will stop and take photos at every ‘World’s Largest Thing’ we come across. That’s a promise. Till next time. Felix.

Felix, Teresa and Ed hanging out with World's Largest Sundial

Shout Out to Trangie

Team H (aka The Forst Fourlio) wished they could have stuck around to see your CRAZY hair. Tell us all about the hairdos on parade, Trangie Central School!

Thanks for having us Trangie Central!

Postcards from Orange and Dubbo

Team H (Matilda, Huw, Julia and Anthony) have hit the road and have some tales to share.

Matilda: So we are well into our first week on the road and it’s so fun! Orange and Dubbo have been a blast. We are taking in the sights. Julia and I spent an afternoon at the Orange botanical gardens and we are hoping we will get a chance to do the Dubbo zoo!

Team H taking on Orange and Dubbo with nothing more than what's in the boot of their van!

The shows have been delightful and we have had some great questions:

Q: Why did we perform with the house lights up in the Dubbo performance centre?

A: Because the show is interactive and we want to talk to you and see you all when we are performing.

Q: Why didn’t Banquo’s son become King at the end of the play?

A: It’s a plot line that isn’t resolved in the play. The witches create the fourth apparition for Macbeth; he sees a line of kings that look like Banquo and Fleance but the play ends with Malcolm being crowned King. Banquo, Duncan and Macbeth were real people who Shakespeare used as inspiration for the play. King James liked to believe that he was descended from the real Banquo and so this would have been an in joke to the audience in Shakespeare’s day.

Also loving the Dubbo baristas and their pac-man coffee art.

Coffee art Dubbo style

Coffee art Dubbo style