More tales from Shakespeare Bootcamp

Ed: What a first two weeks: sonnets, scenes, voice, movement, Shakespeare seminars, clowning, games, defensive driving, new people and rehearsal prep to name a few of our activities. Apparently it only gets busier from here… It’s going to be a big year. Looking forward to getting on the road to spread some Shakespeare love and, after our comedy workshop, getting distinctly funnier. See you all soon. Ed.

Getting a lesson or two from John Bell

Matilda: Well what a first two weeks! The players got to meet all the Bell team and we started in on voice, movement, comedy, Shakespeare’s life and times, dissected some of his sonnets, worked with John Bell on scenes, did a reading of The School For Wives and generally had a pretty awesome time!

Some things I have been thinking about this week: 

1. How much fun it is working with all the players and how exciting it is that we get to spend a whole year PLAYING together. 

2. How fast your brain needs to move when doing physical comedy. It’s all multi-tasking as Scotty says.

3. How compact and brilliant sonnets are: like little bite sized plays.

4. How brilliant Shakespeare was with his inventiveness of language and how he makes it so much easier for actors with Iambic Pentameter mirroring our very heart beat.

5. How important it is to tackle Shakespeare up on your feet and saying it aloud… as much as his language is something to be studied in an English class it’s still a PLAY to be performed!

Where to next? 

We start in on rehearsing the school’s shows next week which is great! We are armed with a new voice warm up and physical warm up and have been honing our language skills, our clowning and our singing in preparation. Team H dives in to Midsummer Madness come Monday and I CANNOT WAIT! Till next time. Matilda

Keep tuned for some more tales from The Players…


2 Comments on “More tales from Shakespeare Bootcamp”

  1. Cherian says:

    It all looks amazing. Blog more often guys, we are following your adventures with the Bard.

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