Meet the NEW Players

Bell Shakespeare is very excited to introduce The Players for 2012

Meet: Julia, Anthony, Matilda, Huw, Ed, Suzanne, Felix, and becuase she couldn’t get enough last year, Teresa is back!

The Players playing around

They have had a busy 2 weeks at Bell HQ learning about all things Shakespeare. Here’s a little of what they had to say…

Felix: Hey guys! So, we have made it to the end of the first two weeks of work here at Bell Shakespeare as part of The Players and it has been awesome. We’ve been working hard on workshop techniques and learning loads of games which are gonna be great fun to play all over the country. Last Friday we went and did an advanced driving course. They actually let a bunch of zany actors behind the wheel of 4 Kia Carnivals, hosed down the pavement and let us drive in at 70 km per hour the brakes on as hard as we possibly could. Good fun. Looking forward to rehearsals starting Monday for Macbeth: Undone and Midsummer Madness. Till next time. Felix

Who let these Players behind the wheel?

 Suzanne: What a whirl-wind first two weeks of The Players! Stand out moments = taking out the cones on both sides of the lane with the KIA, as I swerved out of control on a corner during our driving training at Eastern Creek (you can rest assured I won’t be driving fast enough on tour to make that happen again – SCAREEEEEY!); scenework and sonnets with John Bell – lots of fun; and smashing my shin into a ladder and ending up with a big bump and an almighty bruise during Scottie Witt’s comedy masterclass – OUCH! Oh the thing’s I do to get a laugh!!

All in all, it’s been a great couple of weeks – really excited to be working with the other Players – they’re a great bunch and the rest of the Bell team are lovely too! It looks like it’s shaping up to be a great year already – now to get into the rehearsal room….bring it on!

Keep tuned to hear about some more rehearsal adventures!


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