What we’re up to this week…

Hi everyone, my name is Samantha Tidy and I’m the Head of Education here at Bell Shakespeare. I just thought I’d drop by and let you know what’s been happening here at Learning Central this week!

The Players have been on the road for just two weeks, touring aroundSydney. We certainly miss their jovial and talented presence in our office, so it was great to welcome them back this morning for a rare day in the rehearsal room!

Even though the tour has begun, it’s important to keep an actor’s lines fresh in their mind, so today they are in the rehearsal room doing a quick run through of Romeo And Juliet. They’ll also rehearse fight scenes from the show, to ensure that when they come to do it all again in August (for our Melbourne season at the National Theatre in St Kilda), they have the right moves for those exciting knife scenes that take the audience’s breath away.

On Monday, Nathaniel, George, Teresa and Adele will head toCoffsHarbour, regional NSW and Paul, Kat, Belinda and Ivan head to sunnyBrisbane, which will be a great change for them fromSydney’s late autumn cold.

Back at Learning Central we are right now welcoming twelve regional and remote teachers into our rehearsal rooms. They are all recipients of our Regional Teacher Scholarship, supported by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation.

 Over the next four days the scholarship recipients will each be immersed in the world of Shakespeare, in practical drama activities that work well in the classroom and a crash course on staging a Shakespeare play in their school. They’ll see the production Much Ado About Nothing at the Opera House and learn about the behind the scenes design process for our productions.  It’s all part of Bell Shakespeare’s commitment to regionalAustralia, ensuring that students and teachers everywhere in this great big country, have access to quality Shakespeare experiences.

 So now that the wheels on the tour bus are turning, we can’t wait to see what tales The Players have to tell us, from regional Australia!


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