Vocal class

Hi guys, George here.

It’s halfway through our Sydney season of Romeo And Juliet. We had a vocal masterclass this afternoon with Natasha McNamara. We had just finished a show, which helps as our voices are already warmed up. Natasha took us through some fantastic exercises that really help to stay connected to your support base.

This is important with the show we are doing, it’s very physical and often you have to deliver text whilst in the middle of a knife fight or swinging off a rope (both in my case). So as an actor performing two shows a day, it’s so important that we don’t strain our voices by exerting too much effort when we speak our lines.

We learnt different techniques of warming up as a group or with a partner. This not only brings our ensemble closer together but it also gives you a second opinion on how you might be standing or where you might be holding tension that you aren’t actually aware of. We then got to work on the set choosing lines we were having difficulty with and trying to really belt them out to the edges of the ‘Colosseum’ (our nickname for the York Theatre we perform in!) without effort or tension. Great class, much appreciated.


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