Hi guys

We’ve just come off stage after finishing our second show of Romeo And Juliet. It’s so exciting performing for a real audience as we’ve just spent 5 weeks in the rehearsal room, with only the director and crew to entertain. Now we can find out how an audience will react to the show!

Wow, were they vocal. A whole bunch of screaming girls absolutely in love with Romeo. They started to call out “NO NO!! Don’t do it” when Romeo was about to take the poison and kill himself. Both audiences have been very engaged and you can tell that they are listening intently. They seem to be laughing in all the right places and the actors on stage can hear weeping and sobbing when they are dying at the end.

There is a fantastic energy that the ensemble are bringing to telling this rapid and emotionally charged story and the audience are investing heavily in the relationship with the actors. We’re starting to get used to performing in the sand (the set is like a huge sandpit) but we’re still waking up very sore. Our director, Damien Ryan, overheard students talking in the foyer after the show saying “Wow! That was amazing, I thought it was going to be boring!!”

Love telling this story. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

– George


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