A Day In The Life Of An Actor

Hi guys

We often get asked what’s a typical day of rehearsals like. Well, here goes!

Woke up early today.

Really excited about working on the Friar scenes in Romeo And Juliet.

Walked in to work, gets the mind going.

10am start. Vocal warm up, singing warm up, fight warm up…..really looking forward to putting this show under lights.

And now for the scenes. Damien (our director) is really conscious of the passion needed to drive the play and its characters.

Had a detailed chat about the Romeo and Friar banishment scene before we did it. First run through is sketchy but some great stuff came out of it.

We do the scene a couple more times with more emphasis on the movements of the scene. Damien is a very generous director which is awesome. Nothing better than generous actors and directors.

We finish the final run through and I’m done for the day.

A very productive session.

– Ivan


2 Comments on “A Day In The Life Of An Actor”

  1. esraa says:

    Ivan i can proudly say uve done a wonderful job today at our
    skool،: AIC .. Ahah u an ur team mates too buh u were
    the bomb 😀 i really enjoyed the pplay
    you guys should b hell famous soon an im sure id b
    no.1 fan 😀
    wishin uz good luck :’)

  2. Jen Wang says:

    Hi, I’m from Hurlstone Agricultural High School in Sydney, you performed ‘Macbeth’ at our school a couple of weeks ago. For our assignment, we have to write a speech as if we were an actor from Macbeth, and talk about our role as a character, and how Shakespeare’s script informs and guides our performance. I was just wondering if you could help me out a little by telling me how you guys decide on a particular interpretation of the play, what its like to be an actor, the importance of your character’s role etc. This would be so much help, thanks.

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