Stories Come To Life

Nathaniel (Romeo) and Damien Ryan (Director) before the dress run of Romeo And Juliet. Photo by Alex Vaughn.

One of my favorite things in the world is to see stories brought to life. As an actor, I’m lucky that telling stories is an essential part of my job. I think that’s why these past couple of months with The Players have been absolutely amazing!

We have had the incredible task of bringing our characters from Romeo And Juliet to life and having them live in the world and time we have created for them. Because our cast is so small (eight of us) we have had to create the illusion of community and give our play a real ‘village’ feel.
In doing this we have grown very close as an ensemble and we have become our own little community, which I think drives our play into a very believable reality, and makes it a whole lot of fun for us.

Once we hit the road with Actors At Work, touring around Australia in Taragos, this community will become like a travelling family.


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